Monthly Archives: October 2014

Hello World!

Hello World!  Today is an exciting day. Today I start my very own sewing blog!

There are so many good sewing blogs out there, and several that I make a point to visit at least once a week.  So why another one?

I got the idea when I tried to keep track of all my “valuable lessons” learned from various projects.  These “valuable lessons” were mistakes I had made and ways that I had found to fix them or work around them.  After scribbling down my thoughts on random pieces of paper that I would end up losing more often than not, I started to think that the easiest way to keep track of all my projects and my continual learning would be in a sewing blog.  I could make a post for each sewing project, take pictures along the way, and write up more of my “valuable lessons” that I am bound to learn along the way.  Plus it will be nice to share my creations with those who actually might be interested, which will take some pressure off of my husband who has to continually suffer through makeshift fashions shows after each new creation.

So, without further ado, welcome to Sewing Daydreams!!!

Oh! And for those that might be interested, here is my other passion, my art.