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DIY – The Breezy Trapeze Dress Tutorial


Using the comfortable pockets.



29 weeks and counting!

Today we will be making a fun trapeze dress for this wonderful, much needed warm weather.  A trapeze dress is one that takes on the shape of a trapezoid in that it is short on the top and long at the bottom.  It is tight fitting around the arms and in a straight line, flares out to a dramatic width at the bottom.  This trapeze dress tutorial is perfect for me since I am pregnant and looking for something airy that I can wear during the heat of the summer.

Though this style of dress is a dream for the pregnant lady, it’s also lovely on non-pregnant ladies as well!  I read somewhere that the secret to a chic trapeze dress is that it must be above the knee so we will aim for that here (though I will leave it a little longer to accommodate my growing bump as I can hem it again later).  This dress will adorn short sleeves, a scooped neckline, and inseam pockets.

For those pregnant ladies out there, other dresses that you can make that will grow with your bump include my Long Sleeve Sheath Dress Tutorial, Double V-Neck Boxy Dress Tutorial, and this Simplicity’s 1360 dress. And for other fun dress ideas, visit one of my favorite Internet sewing sites,

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