How to Hem Dress Pants

DIY – How to Hem Dress Pants – A Tutorial

Today, we’re going to learn about how to hem dress pants using a blindhem stitch. These pants were bought by a friend unfinished at the store, and it’s a really easy fix to hem them up yourself.

The skinny:

This is relatively quick and easy to do.  I do feel like I spent more time pressing the pants in place than I did sewing.


  • dress pants that need hemming
  • matching thread
  • iron and ironing board
  • pressing cloth

Now onto How to Hem Dress Pants, a Tutorial


1.  Try on your pants and mark where you want to hem them to.   Add 2 1/4″ as the bottom of your hemline and mark this as well.  Cut your excess fabric off.

How to Hem Dress Pants

2.  Zig zag stitch the raw edges along the bottom of your pants to prevent the material from fraying.

How to Hem Dress Pants

Zigzag the raw edges.

3.  Fold your hemline in 2 1/4″.  Press this in place with an iron.  Since my pants were polyester and acryclic, I used a damp pressing cloth when ironing so as not to damage the pants.

How to Hem Dress Pants

Fold up and press the hemline.

4.  Now fold your hemline the opposite way up into the middle of your pant legs, leaving between ¼ to ½” of the hemline exposed.  Sew this using the blindhem stitch on your machine.  My machine has it marked with this symbol:

How to Hem Dress Pants

The blindhem stitch symbol on my Singer sewing machine.

How to Hem Dress Pants

Sewing the blindhem stitch.

5.  Flip it over and press in place. And this is how to hem dress pants!

How to Hem Dress Pants

Next time I do it, I will probably make my stitch width a little more narrow and make the stitch length a little bit longer to have the stitches on the right side of the fabric be slightly less visible.

I hope you enjoyed my How to Hem Dress Pants Tutorial!

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