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DIY – The Long Sleeve Sheath Dress Tutorial

long sleeve sheath dress tutoriallong sleeve sheath dress tutorial


long sleeve sheath dress tutorial

I am pregnant, and am ready to show the world!  Well, at least my coworkers.  After months of wearing baggy shirts, I’m ready to make a form-fitting dress with my long sleeve sheath dress tutorial.  I want to show off all my new maternal curves.  So today, we’re going to make a sheath dress, plain and unadorned, but one that fits to your body.  Since I am pregnant and hoping to wear this for a little while yet, I’m going to add a little bit of room around the midsection to accommodate some belly growth.  It’s still quite cold outside, so this one will adorn long sleeves.  For those pregnant ladies out there, other dresses you can make that will grow with your bump include Simplicity’s 1360 dress, my Breezy Trapeze Dress Tutorial, and my Double V-Neck Boxy Dress Tutorial.

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