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ankle length jeans tutorial

DIY – Upcycle Old Jeans into Ankle Length Summer Jeans Tutorial


sewing daydreams upcycle jeans tutorial

I was cleaning out my closet a while back and decided to get rid of an old pair of jeans.  I loved them, but had them for years and they were wearing out around the back end, so I decided it was time to move on and tossed them into my bag of clothes to get rid of.  Recently, I was thinking of what to bring on my upcoming holiday and was wishing I had a nice pair of summer jeans to bring along.  I fell in love with the length of ankle jeans, like those that can be found at Forever 21 and Macy’s.  This length looks great with a pair of wedged sandals or heels and is a fun alternative to traditional shorts or capris.

I thought of this old pair of jeans and decided to upcycle them, and fix them up.  If I get one more season out of them, it would be worth while.  Well, they turned out better than I had hoped for!  I often pair these with my shirt that I made with my Upcycle Romper into Tunic Top Tutorial.  So, read on for my Upcycle Old Jeans into Ankle Length Summer Jeans tutorial…

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