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Visiting Van Gogh's "Memory of the Garden at Etten" at the State Hermitage Museum.

Visiting Van Gogh’s “Memory of the Garden at Etten” at the State Hermitage Museum.

I am a beginner sewer with much to learn, but hopefully have some constructive things to share.  I like to make my own patterns from clothes that fit me well so there will be a lot of that here.  My favorite things in the world (besides my son, husband, family, and cats) are trees, flowers, and sunny days.  I am the best version of myself when I am traveling around the world, thinking of nothing but the immediate moment.  Besides working my day job, I spend the rest of my time making art, sewing, hiking, and reading.

My mother is an incredible seamstress, and has made all of my prom dresses and even my wedding dress (two of which sported huge hoopskirts).  After years of my mother trying to show me the benefits of being your own seamstress (as a kid, I was silly and didn’t want homemade clothes, I wanted store bought clothes), I recently woke up one morning with the desire to sew, which has since become insatiable.  Other bloggers who have had a huge impact on me are the lovely ladies behind Merrick’s Art and Cotton and Curls, and I am forever grateful to the daily newsletter from All Free Sewing which helps nurture and feed my sewing desire.

My mother is my inspiration.  I will never be as good as she is, but I can try and make her proud along the way!

♥ Heather


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