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Christmas Cones Tutorial

DIY – Christmas Cones Tutorial

Here is a quick and fun tutorial to make some Christmas cones.  These cones were a tradition in my family growing up, and now that I’m older, I’m continuing the tradition with my own family.  I make one a year after the season is done in rememberence of the year.  You can fill them with treats or other goodies and hang them anywhere.  We usually put them on our tree. Enjoy!

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upcycle earring necklace tutorial

DIY – Upcycle Earring to Necklace Tutorial

For some reason or other, I have a collection of misfit earrings that I don’t wear anymore.  Either one has gone missing, or I purchased them online and found them too heavy to wear (my adage “the older I get, the larger my earrings get” has a side effect!). I tend to keep this misfit earring collection because some of these earrings are just so pretty and I hope that either it’s missing partner will miraculously turn up, or I can find some other use for them.  Well, I finally found another use for them… upcycle them to a necklace!  Read on for my Upcycle Earring to Necklace Tutorial!

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DIY – The Vintage Bird Coaster Tutorial

Christmas is around the corner, and I made these vintage looking ceramic bird coasters for some lovely homemade gifts…

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