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diy bibs

DIY – Upcycle Towel into Toddler Bib

My one year old is exploring the wonderful world of food. Not only does he enjoy eating the food, but he likes to squish it in his fingers, run it through his hair, fling it from his spork, push it off his tray, and occasionally, put it behind his back.  Needless to say, mealtime is a very messy though enjoyable experience.

My son has a ton of bibs from when he was younger, but they are really meant for babies and don’t really stop the food from covering his clothes.  So I thought, DIY bibs, or more specifically, DIY toddler bibs!  We recently upgraded our towels so I decided to upcycle an old towel into a toddler bib just the right size for my little man.  Read on for my full DIY bibs tutorial…

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Beanie Hat Tutorial

DIY – Upcycle Sweater into Beanie Hat Tutorial

Sewing Daydreams - Upcycle Sweater into Beanie Hat Tutorial Sewing Daydreams - Upcycle Sweater into Beanie Hat Tutorial

I recently took an old sweater, cut it up, and repurposed it into a super cute skirt in my Upcycle Sweater to Skirt Tutorial.  Today, we’re going to cut up some more of that sweater and make a fun little slouchy beanie hat perfect for the upcoming cold weather.  Read on for my Upcycle Sweater into Beanie Hat Tutorial!

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Sweater Skirt Tutorial

DIY – Upcycle Sweater into Skirt Tutorial

Sewing Daydreams - Upcycle Sweater into Skirt Tutorial Sewing Daydreams - Upcycle Sweater into Skirt TutorialSewing Daydreams - Upcycle Sweater into Skirt Tutorial Sewing Daydreams - Upcycle Sweater into Skirt Tutorial

It’s sad to say, but summer is ending and the cold weather is coming!  We’ve been doing a little cleaning around here and I’ve been getting rid of a bunch of old clothes.  I pulled out this old pink sweater for the donation pile, when I realized it would make a really cute sweater skirt perfect for the early fall weather.  I’ve been really digging skirts lately since my Perfect Pencil Skirt I made it a little while back.  Read on for my upcycle sweater into skirt tutorial!

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upcycle romper tutorial

DIY – Upcycle Romper into Tunic Top Tutorial

upcycle romer to tunic upcycle romper to tunic upcycle romper to tunic

My sister recently gave me a romper which is cute, but is just way too short.  I’m somebody’s mother now (!!! still such a wonderful and wild experience !!!), so there are some lengths I just will not wear anymore.  But the material is so pretty and the sleeves are so fun, so I decided to upcyle it and turn the romper into a tunic top.  I’ve been on an upcycling kick lately turning a sweater into a skirt, and earrings into a necklace. Giving new life to old things is really rewarding and surprisingly easy.

I paired my new tunic along with my previously upcycled ankle length summer jeans.  Read on for my full tutorial…

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ankle length jeans tutorial

DIY – Upcycle Old Jeans into Ankle Length Summer Jeans Tutorial


sewing daydreams upcycle jeans tutorial

I was cleaning out my closet a while back and decided to get rid of an old pair of jeans.  I loved them, but had them for years and they were wearing out around the back end, so I decided it was time to move on and tossed them into my bag of clothes to get rid of.  Recently, I was thinking of what to bring on my upcoming holiday and was wishing I had a nice pair of summer jeans to bring along.  I fell in love with the length of ankle jeans, like those that can be found at Forever 21 and Macy’s.  This length looks great with a pair of wedged sandals or heels and is a fun alternative to traditional shorts or capris.

I thought of this old pair of jeans and decided to upcycle them, and fix them up.  If I get one more season out of them, it would be worth while.  Well, they turned out better than I had hoped for!  I often pair these with my shirt that I made with my Upcycle Romper into Tunic Top Tutorial.  So, read on for my Upcycle Old Jeans into Ankle Length Summer Jeans tutorial…

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upcycle earring necklace tutorial

DIY – Upcycle Earring to Necklace Tutorial

For some reason or other, I have a collection of misfit earrings that I don’t wear anymore.  Either one has gone missing, or I purchased them online and found them too heavy to wear (my adage “the older I get, the larger my earrings get” has a side effect!). I tend to keep this misfit earring collection because some of these earrings are just so pretty and I hope that either it’s missing partner will miraculously turn up, or I can find some other use for them.  Well, I finally found another use for them… upcycle them to a necklace!  Read on for my Upcycle Earring to Necklace Tutorial!

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