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My DIY Spring Wardrobe from 2017 by Sewing Daydreams

My DIY Spring Wardrobe from 2017

Spring is almost through here in upstate New York and I am pleased to say that I had a rather productive one!  I got to sew up some pieces that I had been thinking about for a really long time and it feels so good to finally be able to wear them.  I caught up with the talented photographer, Dave Blenis, recently and got to show some of my newest sewing pieces off.  Read through and check out my homemade spring wardrobe pieces from 2017.  After wearing them for some time, I have some new insight into them that I’m going to share here.  From my Red Riding hoodie to my embroidered Bohemian tunic to my Mad Men inspired skirt… Enjoy!

Also, as a side note, my husband enjoyed this spring wardrobe photo shoot because he got to take a brief vacation from being my Instagram Husband.  🙂

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Pattern Adventures: Review of Simplicity Pattern 1360

sewing daydreams simplicity 1360

simplicity 1360 back pattern

simplicity pattern 1360 detail

sewing daydreams maternity simplicity

I’m over halfway through my pregnancy and am really running out of clothes to wear.  My mother had picked up this pattern to use to make a dress for my sister during her pregnancy, and she lovingly passed it on to me.  I’m not usually one for following pre-made patterns, but thought, why not give it a try?  So here goes nothing!  Read along for my latest jaunt into Pattern Adventures: Review of Simplicity’s 1360.

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Hello World!

Hello World!  Today is an exciting day. Today I start my very own sewing blog!

There are so many good sewing blogs out there, and several that I make a point to visit at least once a week.  So why another one?

I got the idea when I tried to keep track of all my “valuable lessons” learned from various projects.  These “valuable lessons” were mistakes I had made and ways that I had found to fix them or work around them.  After scribbling down my thoughts on random pieces of paper that I would end up losing more often than not, I started to think that the easiest way to keep track of all my projects and my continual learning would be in a sewing blog.  I could make a post for each sewing project, take pictures along the way, and write up more of my “valuable lessons” that I am bound to learn along the way.  Plus it will be nice to share my creations with those who actually might be interested, which will take some pressure off of my husband who has to continually suffer through makeshift fashions shows after each new creation.

So, without further ado, welcome to Sewing Daydreams!!!

Oh! And for those that might be interested, here is my other passion, my art.