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My DIY Spring Wardrobe from 2017 by Sewing Daydreams

My DIY Spring Wardrobe from 2017

Spring is almost through here in upstate New York and I am pleased to say that I had a rather productive one!  I got to sew up some pieces that I had been thinking about for a really long time and it feels so good to finally be able to wear them.  I caught up with the talented photographer, Dave Blenis, recently and got to show some of my newest sewing pieces off.  Read through and check out my homemade spring wardrobe pieces from 2017.  After wearing them for some time, I have some new insight into them that I’m going to share here.  From my Red Riding hoodie to my embroidered Bohemian tunic to my Mad Men inspired skirt… Enjoy!

Also, as a side note, my husband enjoyed this spring wardrobe photo shoot because he got to take a brief vacation from being my Instagram Husband.  🙂

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Classy Plaid Gathered Skirt Tutorial

DIY – The Classy Plaid Gathered Skirt Tutorial

Classy Plaid Gathered Skirt Tutorial Classy Plaid Gathered Skirt Tutorial Classy Plaid Gathered Skirt Tutorial Classy Plaid Gathered Skirt Tutorial

Today is a good day.  Today I finally begin my Christmas present to me! I’m going to make a classy plaid skirt that will *hopefully* be done in time for Christmas.  This will be a gathered skirt tutorial.  I’ve been wanting to make something plaid for the winter season.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking about this lovely skirt made by Gina Michelle and decided that it would be a classy winter look using some plaid fabric.

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diy bibs

DIY – Upcycle Towel into Toddler Bib

My one year old is exploring the wonderful world of food. Not only does he enjoy eating the food, but he likes to squish it in his fingers, run it through his hair, fling it from his spork, push it off his tray, and occasionally, put it behind his back.  Needless to say, mealtime is a very messy though enjoyable experience.

My son has a ton of bibs from when he was younger, but they are really meant for babies and don’t really stop the food from covering his clothes.  So I thought, DIY bibs, or more specifically, DIY toddler bibs!  We recently upgraded our towels so I decided to upcycle an old towel into a toddler bib just the right size for my little man.  Read on for my full DIY bibs tutorial…

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Beanie Hat Tutorial

DIY – Upcycle Sweater into Beanie Hat Tutorial

Sewing Daydreams - Upcycle Sweater into Beanie Hat Tutorial Sewing Daydreams - Upcycle Sweater into Beanie Hat Tutorial

I recently took an old sweater, cut it up, and repurposed it into a super cute skirt in my Upcycle Sweater to Skirt Tutorial.  Today, we’re going to cut up some more of that sweater and make a fun little slouchy beanie hat perfect for the upcoming cold weather.  Read on for my Upcycle Sweater into Beanie Hat Tutorial!

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Striped Summer Dress Tutorial

DIY – The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial

Sewing Daydreams - The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial Sewing Daydreams - The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial Sewing Daydreams - The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial

Sewing Daydreams - The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial

Playing with my little love <3

Hello! It’s been a hot summer this year, and I have been living in dresses (which I have to admit is one of my favorite parts of summer!)  I’ve been thinking about adding a new dress to my summer wardrobe and finally got some time to make it happen.  So today we will be making a nice, comfortable striped summer dress perfect for hot and lazy August evenings (my favorite weather, in fact!).  This dress will have a v-neckline in the front and back, an elastic waistband, and very useful front pockets.  We will first make our pattern using an old dress as a guide, and then our striped dress.  Read on for my Striped Summer Dress Tutorial!

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t-shirt dress tutorial

DIY – The Fancy T-Shirt Dress Tutorial







My husband snuck this photo of me getting ready. He’s the best. 🙂

T-shirt dresses are one of my favorite things because they are extremely comfortable and quick to get dressed in.  Today, we’re going to make a t-shirt dress, but jazz it up a bit with some lace trimming.  This will keep the comfort factor, but allow me to wear it dressed up to fancier events.  This dress will have short sleeves, a scooped neckline, and inseam pockets.  Read along for my DIY fancy t-shirt dress tutorial …

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t-shirt refashion open back

DIY – T-Shirt Refashion – The Open Back Bow Tutorial

I recently got the chance to have some photography done by the talented Dave Blenis showcasing some of my homemade clothes.  I was blown away by his photographs.  They made my clothes seem legit!  I had made this shirt last year prior to my sewing blog, so never got a chance to share it until just now.   Though I had made the shirt from scratch, the method of applying an open back bow can be used for any t-shirt refashion and is a fun and easy way to spice up your wardrobe. So read along for my T-Shirt Refashion – Open Back Bow Tutorial!

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inseam pockets tutorial

DIY – The Inseam Pockets Tutorial V2

I had previously made an inseam pockets tutorial which uses interfacing to help create sturdy pockets on clothing made with a very light fabric.  However, I’ve realized that most of the other times I’ve made inseam pockets, I do it a bit differently and don’t use as much interfacing.  Hence, today’s post titled Inseam Pockets Tutorial Version 2.

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Sewing Daydreams - Lacy Summer T-Shirt Tutorialial

DIY – The Lacy Summer T-Shirt Tutorial

sewing daydreams lacey summer tee


sewing daydreams lacey summer tee

sewing daydreams lacey summer t-shirt tutorial

Today we will be making a t-shirt that I have been thinking about making since the early spring, but put on hold until after my pregnancy; my Lacy Summer T-Shirt Tutorial.  Though the end of summer may be in sight, there are still plenty of warm sunny days ahead and what better way to enjoy the last days of summer than with a light t-shirt made even lighter from a partially lacy back.  I’ve seen a lot of wonderful examples of t-shirts incorporating lace into their design out there in the blogosphere.  Some of my favorite sources of inspiration include posts from Cotton and Curls, Pearls and Scissors, and So, Zo…What do you Know?.  Today will be my own take on the subject.  This shirt will have a scooped neckline and hemline to match.  The lace on the back of the shirt will mimic the scooped hemline.  Read on for my lacy summer t-shirt tutorial.

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DIY – The Two Minute D-Ring Belt Tutorial


Me sporting my brand new belt (and my 39 week belly!)

I decided to make this d-ring belt tutorial because the first time I made a d-ring belt, I was blown away by how simple and fast it was.  It literally took me two minutes and then I had a brand new belt (one which I still wear all the time, mind you, and which you can see at my Double V-Neck Boxy Dress Tutorial, Breezy Trapeze Dress Tutorial, Comfy, Cozy Sweaterdress Tutorial, and Golden Skirt Tutorial).  Today, I want to share this easy peasy DIY tutorial with all of you, so read along for my DIY-Two Minute D-Ring Belt tutorial

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