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The French Striped Dress Tutorial by Sewing Daydreams

DIY – The French Striped Dress Tutorial

The French Striped Dress Tutorial by Sewing Daydreams The French Striped Dress Tutorial by Sewing Daydreams The French Striped Dress Tutorial by Sewing Daydreams The French Striped Dress Tutorial by Sewing Daydreams

Summer is well underway and I find myself lacking an essential summer wardrobe dress staple; the French Striped Dress.  No one can deny that the French have some serious style and some of their pieces seem to never really go out of style.  This French-inspired dress is one of them.  When I came up with it, I was thinking of something that a 1960s Brigitte Bardot would have worn.  So, to remedy the deficiency in my wardrobe, I’m going to make myself a comfortable French Striped Dress to have to wear in the months (and years) ahead.  This tutorial will have instructions on how to first make the pattern, and then make the dress from scratch.  Read on for my full tutorial!

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Striped Summer Dress Tutorial

DIY – The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial

Sewing Daydreams - The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial Sewing Daydreams - The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial Sewing Daydreams - The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial

Sewing Daydreams - The Striped Summer Dress Tutorial

Playing with my little love <3

Hello! It’s been a hot summer this year, and I have been living in dresses (which I have to admit is one of my favorite parts of summer!)  I’ve been thinking about adding a new dress to my summer wardrobe and finally got some time to make it happen.  So today we will be making a nice, comfortable striped summer dress perfect for hot and lazy August evenings (my favorite weather, in fact!).  This dress will have a v-neckline in the front and back, an elastic waistband, and very useful front pockets.  We will first make our pattern using an old dress as a guide, and then our striped dress.  Read on for my Striped Summer Dress Tutorial!

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t-shirt dress tutorial

DIY – The Fancy T-Shirt Dress Tutorial







My husband snuck this photo of me getting ready. He’s the best. 🙂

T-shirt dresses are one of my favorite things because they are extremely comfortable and quick to get dressed in.  Today, we’re going to make a t-shirt dress, but jazz it up a bit with some lace trimming.  This will keep the comfort factor, but allow me to wear it dressed up to fancier events.  This dress will have short sleeves, a scooped neckline, and inseam pockets.  Read along for my DIY fancy t-shirt dress tutorial …

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DIY – The Double V-Neck Boxy Dress Tutorial

sewing daydreams boxy dress front

sewing daydreams box dress tutorial

sewing daydreams boxy dress tutorial

I like it with a belt as well…

sewing daydreams boxy dress tutorial

And the belly picture… so very close now!

My sewing goal while pregnant is to make dresses that will still look good after my belly is back to normal. So maternity wear that is able to translate into normal wear.  Previous attempts include my Long Sleeve Sheath Dress Tutorial, Simplicity’s 1360 dress, and my Breezy Trapeze Dress Tutorial.  Today, in my attempt to do that, we will make a boxy summer dress with a v-neck both in the front and the back that sports little tiny sleeves.  To help the dress keep its shape up top and not fall off the shoulders, we will add a small strip of material across the back v-neck.  This dress idea was inspired after a Silence + Noise Vega shift dress that was selling at Urban Outfitters, which is unfortunately sold out.  I was originally planning on adding some front rectangular patch pockets, but since my belly is 37 weeks out at this time, it’s hard to gauge exactly where I want to put them.  So, I plan on adding them after my little man makes his grand entrance.  While pregnant, I always feel that adding a belt helps flatter my shape but without a belt looks nice too! I just think it’s just best to show off that tummy rather than hide it. 🙂  Read along for my DIY double v-neck boxy dress tutorial…

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DIY – The Breezy Trapeze Dress Tutorial


Using the comfortable pockets.



29 weeks and counting!

Today we will be making a fun trapeze dress for this wonderful, much needed warm weather.  A trapeze dress is one that takes on the shape of a trapezoid in that it is short on the top and long at the bottom.  It is tight fitting around the arms and in a straight line, flares out to a dramatic width at the bottom.  This trapeze dress tutorial is perfect for me since I am pregnant and looking for something airy that I can wear during the heat of the summer.

Though this style of dress is a dream for the pregnant lady, it’s also lovely on non-pregnant ladies as well!  I read somewhere that the secret to a chic trapeze dress is that it must be above the knee so we will aim for that here (though I will leave it a little longer to accommodate my growing bump as I can hem it again later).  This dress will adorn short sleeves, a scooped neckline, and inseam pockets.

For those pregnant ladies out there, other dresses that you can make that will grow with your bump include my Long Sleeve Sheath Dress Tutorial, Double V-Neck Boxy Dress Tutorial, and this Simplicity’s 1360 dress. And for other fun dress ideas, visit one of my favorite Internet sewing sites, https://www.allfreesewing.com.

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Pattern Adventures: Review of Simplicity Pattern 1360

sewing daydreams simplicity 1360

simplicity 1360 back pattern

simplicity pattern 1360 detail

sewing daydreams maternity simplicity

I’m over halfway through my pregnancy and am really running out of clothes to wear.  My mother had picked up this pattern to use to make a dress for my sister during her pregnancy, and she lovingly passed it on to me.  I’m not usually one for following pre-made patterns, but thought, why not give it a try?  So here goes nothing!  Read along for my latest jaunt into Pattern Adventures: Review of Simplicity’s 1360.

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DIY – The Inseam Pockets Tutorial

inseam pockets dress

inseam pockets detail

Hi all!  I just recently made Simplicity’s 1360 dress using their pattern, and after trying it on to see how it fit, I realized that the dress would be way better with some inseam pockets.  And I figured why not share it with you?

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DIY – The Long Sleeve Sheath Dress Tutorial

long sleeve sheath dress tutoriallong sleeve sheath dress tutorial


long sleeve sheath dress tutorial

I am pregnant, and am ready to show the world!  Well, at least my coworkers.  After months of wearing baggy shirts, I’m ready to make a form-fitting dress with my long sleeve sheath dress tutorial.  I want to show off all my new maternal curves.  So today, we’re going to make a sheath dress, plain and unadorned, but one that fits to your body.  Since I am pregnant and hoping to wear this for a little while yet, I’m going to add a little bit of room around the midsection to accommodate some belly growth.  It’s still quite cold outside, so this one will adorn long sleeves.  For those pregnant ladies out there, other dresses you can make that will grow with your bump include Simplicity’s 1360 dress, my Breezy Trapeze Dress Tutorial, and my Double V-Neck Boxy Dress Tutorial.

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DIY – The Comfy, Cozy Sweaterdress Tutorial

The back of the comfy cozy sweaterdress tutorial.

Detail of the front pockets

Brrr!!! This was a cold, windy day!

Brrr!!! This was a cold, windy day!

I love to dress up, but must say that I have a hard time when it’s cold out.  So, for my winter wardrobe, I decided to make this comfy and cozy sweaterdress with long sleeves and an elastic waistband.  To add to the comfort factor, I added front pockets, because, honestly, who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?  Now onto our comfy, cozy sweatdress tutorial!

You can also make a summer version of this dress using my Striped Summer Dress Tutorial.

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